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H.A.L.F.: The Deep Beneath by Natalie Wright: Promo and Giveaway!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Book Description:

H.A.L.F. 9 has taken his first breath of desert air and his first steps in the human world. Created to be a weapon, he proved too powerful for his makers and has lived a sedated life hidden from humans. But he has escaped the underground lab he called home, and the sedation has worn off. He has never been more alive. More powerful. Or more deadly.

Erika Holt longs to ride her motorcycle east until pavement gives way to shore. She bides her time until graduation when she’ll escape the trailer she shares with her alcoholic mother and memories of her dead father. But a typical night in the desert with friends thrusts Erika into a situation more dangerous than she ever imagined.

Circumstances push the two together, and each must make a fateful choice. Will Erika assist H.A.L.F. 9 in his escape despite her “don’t get involved” rule? And will H.A.L.F. 9 let Erika live even though he was trained to kill?

The two may need to forget their rules and training and if either is to survive the dangers of the deep beneath them.

Guest Post:

Please meet the cast of characters in the book H.A.L.F.: The Deep Beneath:

 [“Erika Holt”, Photo Credit JoDeviant]

ERIKA HOLT: High school senior Erika Holt has lived in hot, dusty Ajo (pronounced Ah-HO), Arizona her whole life. And she can’t wait to get out. Every time Erika gets on her motorcycle she imagines driving east until pavement meets sand. She doesn’t want anything, not even her love for Jack Wilson, to stand in the way of her exit plans.

There’s just one little problem. Something big is brewing in the desert. Something Erika and her friends know nothing about. They may well wish they’d spent their Saturday night at home rather than cruising in the desert.

JACK WILSON: Carefree, guitar-playing poet Jack Wilson is new to Ajo. Jack began the summer as Erika's friend and ended it by falling in love with her. As soon as the three little words "I love you" left his mouth, Erika pulled back from him. But Jack's a patient guy, willing to hold back in the 'just friends' zone until he finds a way to convince Erika that she can't live without him.

Jack would follow Erika to the ends of the Earth. But will he follow her farther than that?

[Chace Crawford as Ian Frew]

IAN FREW: Ajo High School's star quarterback and the hottest guy in the senior class, Ian Frew is Erika's best friend. Soon he'll be fighting for more than just points on the gridiron. But will the dangers that lie ahead force a wedge between Ian and his oldest friend?

H.A.L.F. 9, aka TEX: H.A.L.F. 9 was created to be the government's secret weapon. 9 has lived his entire life in a secret government lab, nearly a mile underground. He has never breathed fresh, desert air. He has never run except for on a treadmill. And he has never felt the sun on his skin.

Until now.

He is naive. He is dangerous. And he has escaped.

COMMANDER LILLY STURGIS: Commander Sturgis is our last hope. She and her creations stand between salvation and total annihilation. At least that's the way she sees it. When they need to win a battle, they call a general. When they need to win a war, they call her.

ALECTO: Who is she? Where did she come from? And what are her intentions?

THE GREYS: When their ship crashed in the New Mexico desert back in 1947, more was recovered than just debris. In an above top secret project, scientists have labored for years to create a new species: An alien-human hybrid. And in 1998 they succeeded. But why were H.A.L.F. 9's alien cousins here on Earth in the first place?

Author Bio:
Natalie is the author of H.A.L.F., a young adult science fiction series, and The Akasha Chronicles, a young adult fantasy trilogy. She lives in the high desert of Tucson, Arizona with her husband, tween daughter, and two young cats.
Natalie spends her time writing, reading, gaming, geeking out over nerd culture and cool science, hanging out on social media, and meeting readers and fans at festivals and comic cons throughout the western United States. She likes to walk in the desert, snorkel in warm waters, travel, and share excellent food and conversation with awesome people. Natalie supports the rights of both humans and non-humans to live a life free of suffering caused by people. She was raised an Ohio farm girl, lives in the desert Southwest, and dreams of living in a big city high rise.
And here are buy links. The digital book is an Amazon exclusive until May but available in paperback and hardcover at all online stores: 


the digital boxed set of the author's first series, The Akasha Chronicles (for Kindle and Kindle reading Apps)

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