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The Lazarus Game by Stephen J. Valentine

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An amazing new video game has the power to resurrect the brightest minds of the past and see what they’d create in the modern world. There’s just one catch—it requires another person’s soul. Carter Chance, who is a teenage genius, must find a way to stop his generation from exchanging their souls for a computer-generated fantasy. This action-packed thriller delves into the enticement and dangers of virtual reality.

Goodreads Summary

Would you trade your soul to play a game?  What if that game was addicting?  As for me, the answer is a solid no. For many in this book, the answer is a little less clear.  I loved the twist of the addition of geniuses from the past.  I have always wondered what our world would be like if incredibly intelligent people prior to us still existed.  Carter, the main character, knows that this game can't continue and intends to use his own genius mind to stop it.  

Carter is an interesting person; he may be a genius, but he is also a regular high school student.  He has a crush, he attends classes, and he balances trying to save the world with all of his other academic duties.  His best friend is an unusual fellow who dislikes most people he meets and his crush has placed him in the friend-zone.  Overall, this book was a pretty good read and recommended to young adult/teens.

3 Stars

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