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Empty Earth by Gregory Nicholas Malouf

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Like the other books in the Thoughtless series, Empty Earth offers concrete ways to start living – right now – the life we truly desire and deserve. Only in a state of inner Self-connection can we appreciate who and what we have in our lives right now, and do so without fear of loss or sense of lack. It is then that any one of us can begin to value life in many ways we previously may not have done so. “The way that I was living my life, I may as well have been living in a barren desert devoid of anything whatsoever. My world wasn’t real, just a continuation of the distorted perceptions I had grown up to believe were real. Through Empty Earth, it is my hope that readers learn to observe life differently, and in so doing see the abundance life has to offer…see it from the heart, not from the ego as most of us were taught to see it,” added Malouf, who is also author of Silent: The Power of Silence. “It is time to appreciate the wonderful gifts life has to offer us and to embrace them. As we do, we will begin the process of consciously creating our heartfelt desires and seeing life beyond the limited view we now see it.” A series of small, easy-to-read books, Thoughtless is meant to be a catalyst for creating a new and, ultimately, transformative, experience through which readers can release themselves from the limitations that are currently holding them back in all areas of their lives.

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This is the sixth installment in the self help series by Malouf and follows suit where the others left off. The focus in this book is to look into yourself as opposed to looking at what the world is doing around you. The book claims that through self reflection and prayer, you can find what your true desires are in life and come up with tangible ways of achieving them.

I have never been much for self help books, and this specific one did not have a huge connection to my life. However, after reading through it once, I could see that there is some merit to the ideas that are presented. In general, if you are looking to re-invent who you are and explore your true inner desires then this book does deserve a spot on your shelf. 

3.5 Stars

*Reviewed by Chris* 

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    Didn't know this was a self help series