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Three by Kristen Simmons

Saturday, March 22, 2014
Ember Miller and Chase Jennings are ready to stop running. After weeks spent in hiding as two of the Bureau of Reformation’s most wanted criminals, they have finally arrived at the safe house, where they hope to live a safe and quiet existence.

And all that’s left is smoking ruins.

Devastated by the demolition of their last hope, Ember and Chase follow the only thing left to them—tracks leading away from the wreckage. The only sign that there may have been survivors.

With their high profile, they know they can’t stay out in the open for long. They take shelter in the wilderness and amidst the ruins of abandoned cities as they follow the tracks down the coast, eventually finding refugees from the destroyed safe house. Among them is someone from Chase’s past—someone he never thought he’d see again.

Banding together, they search for a place to hide, aiming for a settlement a few of them have heard about…a settlement that is rumored to house the nebulous organization known as Three. The very group that has provided Ember with a tiny ray of hope ever since she was first forced on the run.

Three is responsible for the huge network of underground safe houses and resistance groups across the country. And they may offer Ember her only chance at telling the world her story.

At fighting back.
Goodreads Summary
In the third installment in the Article 5 series picks up shortly after the last book left off and continues with the nonstop action. Simmons does the series justice yet again in this finale book and will not disappoint those looking for more adventure with Ember and Chase. You will be leaning in and biting your nails at every turn of the page as the story progress and will never want to put this book down.
The plot is engaging and the character development truly shines throughout this dystopian adventure. Chase and Ember compliment each other as characters very well as Ember plays the mentor to Chase's struggles. What is also nice about this story is that the background characters also have a lot depth and contribute a decent amount to the quality of the story. All of the characters in general were so clearly laid out and explained so well that you would think that you are one of them on their quest to find clues about the story behind the notorious group Three. If you are a fan of the first two books in this series and love dystopian novels, the final installment will never fail to disappoint.
*Reviewed by Chris*  
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  1. bn100 said...:

    This sounds like an interesting series

  1. bn100 said...:

    This sounds like an interesting series