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Bounce Back by Julie Clinton

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brokenhearted, disappointed, and wanting more from life—if we are honest, most of us have endured a season or two or incredible difficulty. Julie Clinton sees and hears the needs and concerns of women all over America on a regular basis. She shows the way forward when all seems lost. In this transparent and encouraging book she walks beside her readers, revealing three steps to a more fulfilled life: breathe, believe, and bounce back. Clinton provides wisdom and encouragement to help women rediscover their joy and strength.

Amazon Summary

This book is a religious exploration of how to bring yourself back to being confident after a big struggle or heartbreak. It offers up bible quotes that pertain to people going through a struggle and many positive words of encouragement. There are also checklists for specific struggles and suggestions with how to proceed forward in life in a positive manner through God's guidance.

I am not usually into reading overly religious books and this definitely deeply explores the inner workings of your faith life. It is warm and supportive and definitely has a place for some people. One thing to note is that this book is definitely aimed at women, and being a man myself I found it harder to connect with some of the topics discussed. Women with a strong faith going through hard times would definitely find comfort and guidance in the pages of this book.

3 Stars

*Reviewed by Chris* 

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  1. Unknown said...:

    Excellent review. I don't like religious themed books or guides, but I'm glad that there are books like this out there so that I can read reviews like yours and give a head's up to my friends who do like those sorts of books! Thanks!

  1. bn100 said...:

    Nice review; this could be a helpful book to people