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Elmo by Matt Shea

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Elmo is a story about an economic crisis in the small town of Miner. Fundraisers, food drives, and generous donations initially held the financial plague at bay. Eventually the township was forced to bend with the rest of the nation causing the dads to volley back with a clever remedy. They would brave the winter nights and secretly take shifts dressed as a hobo on the corner of Main Street and Elm.

Goodreads Summary

This story echoes the feeling of the early century 20th century depression and still holds a connection to today's society and the money issues that people face in todays economy. It was interesting to see that people banded together to help beg for money for the benefit of the community when they could have been selfish and kept all of their small earnings for themselves. In a society where it seems that many families really only watch out for themselves, it was refreshing to come across this small town that really seems to protect their own financially.

I really liked the idea that Elmo was a shifting face in the story and that many had to share the load of the begging for change. Another place that this story shines is in it showing of family dynamics. In the story, Sam learns about his father's secret life as a beggar and wants to do anything he can to help with the situation. It was heartwarming to see a son trying so hard to help his father by taking on the role of Elmo. It goes to show that when times get hard, banding together in society really should be done for the good of society itself. There were parts that were mildly cheesey, but overall this is a story that you should look into if you feel for those with econimic hardship.

3.5 Stars

Reviewed by Chris

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  1. Nice review! I will pick it up soon to see if I like it

  1. bn100 said...:

    Interesting book subject

  1. Berenice said...:

    This one sounds really interesting. It's not something I would usually pick up but it sounds like it might be worth it. Great review, thank you! =)