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Ava and Pip: Promo and Guest Post!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I love writing from a kid's point of view. It lets me get back in touch with the childlike feelings inside me, from delight and wonder to jealousy and rage. As adults, we have to be circumspect and careful with our words. But a kid confiding in her very own diary? She has free rein! She can let it pour out.
There are several reasons why I am still able to get in the head of a kid. I've been the "Dear Carol" advice columnist at Girls' Life for twenty years so I've been getting letters from girls (and hearing their voices and concerns) for decades. I'm a mom of daughters so I had a chance to relive my childhood when they were younger. And finally, my own Inner Child is alive and well and vocal. In fact, I kept diaries as a girl and I've just took a photo in my office of all my diaries. I still have them! Do you see them? 

They are on the top shelf -- my books are on the bottom shelf. (They include Girltalk, which was translated into many languages; The Diary of  Melanie Martin series about a ten-year-old traveling girl named Melanie and her brother Matt the Brat; and now (drumroll please) AVA AND PIP which comes out March 4. Ava Wren is a fifth grader with a painfully shy big sister. Ava is a good kid who does a bad thing. And she wants to be a writer when she grows up and has a passion for palindromes, which are words that are spelled the same backward and forward. Like huh. And wow. (H-U-H. W-O-W.) Here's a long palindrome: Dog doo? Good God! (D-O-G-D-O-O-G-O-O-D-G-O-D.) I hope you like my new series. The sequel is already in the works. It's called AVA AND TACO CAT. 

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Mar 4 6 p.m. Corner Bookstore NYC
Mar 9 2 p.m. BookCourt Brooklyn
Mar 11 5:30 p.m. New York Society Library
Mar 21 10:30 a.m. Politics and Prose DC
Mar 29 2 p.m. Watchung Montclair
April 5 2:30 p.m. BankStreet NYC
April 13 2 p.m. Thurber Center Col's OH
April 14 6 p.m. Lennox B&N Col's OH
April 23 6:30 Wild Rumpus MN... 

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