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Single Effort by Joe Keller

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Whether you're single by choice or by chance, it's wildly different than living with a partner. Most books on the subject read like cheerleading for cave-dwellers or sex guides for the hopelessly hapless. Why can't someone just tell it like it is? Joe Keller does just that. From food to fun, and finance to romance, Single Effort delivers clear, real-world advice to help you live a dynamic, successful life as a single guy. Heartfelt, funny, and always practical, Single Effort is a must-read for single guys everywhere. It's also perfect for anyone (male or female, single or not) in search of unique dating and lifestyle ideas or a more fulfilling life. Destined to become a classic, this indispensable guide will change how you think about being single and help you find the life and love you seek.

Goodreads Summary

In this world today divorce, separation, and breakups are all too common and many are left lost with a lack of direction in the wake of these mishaps. Many people get stuck in the same rut repeating the same mistakes again and again year after year only to end up unsuccessful in finding a mate. When Joe Keller went through his divorce from what he thought was a successful marriage, he decided that he wanted things to be different in a good way the next time around.He decided to share his experiences with the rest of the "lost" males of today's society in the book "Single Effort."
The premise is simple and very practical yet Keller succeeds in packing this "single man's guidebook" with loads of beneficial information and a wide breadth of topics. This book covers everything from figuring out where you went wrong leading up to your divorce to new dating tactics to make sure that you are representing the best version of yourself. Another great topic that is discussed is what women are noticing when you show up to that vital first date. Many things are addressed from your wardrobe choice, conversation topics to avoid, and even grooming trends. Yes, there is even a section that goes into properly setting up an online dating profile. All in all, this guidebook covers some very useful topics and is a great reference for single men of all walks of life.

4 Stars

*Reviewed by Chris*

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  1. Susan T. said...:

    Even though it's a guide for guys it sounds like I could learn somethings too!

  1. Dre Wolf said...:

    Being single (but not a guy), I think I'd still be able to relate with this book. :)

  1. Jayana Jain said...:

    At first, I thought this book would be a no good..but now that I've read your review, I think it should be read :)