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It's a Crisis! Now What?

Monday, November 25, 2013

No tourism entity is immune from crises: natural disasters, food poisoning, epidemics, plane crashes, negative legislation, terrorism and much more. While most organizations in the tourism and hospitality industry know they need a crisis communications plan, many believe it will be too complicated and time-consuming to create. It's a crisis! NOW what? solves that dilemma, with four simple steps to create a crisis communications plan, and seven basic principles for handling communications after any crisis. Complemented by a range of scenarios to challenge communicators - and space to record the reader's "nightmare scenario," this compact handbook will be an essential addition to every tourism professional's bookshelf.

Amazon Summary

There are defining moments in life where something rips through our existence and turns the world into utter chaos. This world experiences devastating tornadoes, terrorist attacks, stock market crashes, and area forest fires on a regular basis and a good plan of action is a staple for recovery from these horrifying events. Anticipating possible chrisis', knowing your resources, creating a game plan, and executing that plan with laser precision are vital steps in successfully preventing pandemonium from spreading.
Peggy R. Brendel does this and more in "It's A Crisis! Now What?" This guidebook takes you through the step by step process of assessing your resources and building a fool proof plan by examining past events and assessing the details of the situation. Crisis like the SARS epidemic, the 2001 September 11 terrorist attacks, and Hurricane Katrina are discussed and their successful team responses are brought to light. What makes this book a great resource for you and your team is the ample sections provided with space for notes and comments at the end of each section. It allows you to dig deep into the meat of the issues and ideas presented and to discuss what you think works and what plans could possibly be a dud in practice. Furthermore, there is a section in the back where you write out your "worst case scenario," and walk through the steps toward executing a proper crisis communication plan. This is an interesting read with a lot of great information to consider and is a great addition to anyone's library for reference.

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  1. Susan T. said...:

    I live in a town based on tourism and this spring we definitely had a crisis with the flooding. This book would be helpful!

  1. Lee Todd said...:

    thanks for the giveaway