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Margaret From Maine by Joseph Monninger

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Brought together by war, separated by duty, a love story for the ages

Margaret Kennedy lives on a dairy farm in rural Maine. Her husband Thomas—injured in a war overseas—will never be the man he was. When the President signs a bill in support of wounded veterans, Margaret is invited to the nation’s capital. Charlie King, a handsome Foreign Service officer, volunteers to escort her. As the rhododendron blossoms along the Blue Ridge Highway, the unlikely pair fall in love—but Margaret cannot ignore the tug of her marriage vows.

Joseph Monninger’s Margaret from Maine is a page-turning romance that poignantly explores the dilemmas faced by those who serve our country—and the men and women who love them.

Goodreads Summary

Margaret’s husband, Tom, was fighting in the war and made a sacrifice that kept him in a comatose state for six years. His wife had a son that Tom never knew about and she took over the dairy farm in order to help out the family. Barak Obama was going to sign a bill that would improve care for veterans that ended up like Tom. She gets escorted to DC to watch the signing and the man who is by her side – Charlie – ends up changing her life. Charlie was also a veteran from the war and had ended up with a handicap issue. Both of them enjoy each other’s company, but in the back of Margaret’s head she knows that Tom is still technically alive. Can she be with Charlie knowing that her husband is still breathing or can she take a chance at a new life?

I believe this story is heartbreaking and a book the reader will look back on and say “That was a really sad and emotional book.” Margaret and Charlie work well together. They both have their demons, but that doesn’t stop the love pouring through their hearts. They have obstacles, but still stand up and take them head on. I love the type of characters that work hard for what they believe in and also have time for the people they care about. It was definitely hard for me to get through some parts because of how touching and sad they were, but I still moved on because the characters ended up doing the same.

The plotline was amazing. My heart went out to Charlie and Margaret and I was glued to every page. It’s not a book that has surprise elements, the reader can definitely see where the book is going and know what the ending will be, but I really didn’t care because the ride to get to that part was nice. I never skipped or skimmed pages, each dialogue between the characters kept me entertained. The plot didn’t move too slowly for me, which at first I thought would happen. In the end it was a nice heartwarming book. I will definitely pick up another book by Monninger in the future.

5/5 stars

*Reviewed by Rachel*

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  1. I have seen this reviewed a few times and all say the same thing: Emotionally poignant. I'm so intrigued, but so have to be in the right frame of mind for this book.