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Fatal Circle by Linda Robertson

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Destiny sucks. . . . 

There was a time when Persephone Alcmedi thought her life was hard to manage, what with wondering how to make sure she took adequate care of both her grandmother and her foster daughter, Beverley, whether she'd end up in the unwanted position of high priestess of a coven, and whether her werewolf lover, Johnny, would resist the groupies who hang around his band Lycanthropia. 

But that was before the fairies started demanding that Seph's frightening, unpredictable ally - the ancient vampire Menessos - be destroyed . . . or the world will suffer. Seph and Menessos are magically bonded, but that's a secret she dares not reveal to her fellow witches lest they be forced to reject her and forbid her use of magic. And, despite the strain this casts on her relationship with Johnny, as a showdown with the fairies nears, she and Menessos badly need the werewolves as allies. 

Life, death, and love are all on the line, but when destiny is calling, it doesn't help to turn away. With the individual threads of their fates twisted inextricably together, can Seph, Johnny, and Menessos keep the world safe from fairy vengeance?

Goodreads Summary

This is the third book of the Persephone Alcmedi series and once again it doesn’t disappoint! Persephone finally accepts her feelings for Johnny, which FINALLY happened. If it went on another book I would be seriously irritated, but she found out at a good time. The reader gets to see histories of some of the characters to get a better understanding of their dark pasts and how they became the people they are today. Robertson adds another love interest who is a vampire named Menessos and Persephone is somewhat pulled in different directions. I really hope she doesn’t make this a full-out love triangle for the next few books. Just get with Johnny and let that be it!

The plot was much better in this book than the first two. The novel started the same night Hallowed Circle ended. I didn’t skim any pages this time. Every page was captivating and I loved reading about each of the characters. Again, if there’s a love-triangle that pollutes the next book, my stars will probably go down, but she might surprise me and change it up. I will pick up the next book no problem, and keep up with the plot.
5/5 stars

*Reviewed by Rachel*

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