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Confessions of a Hater by Caprice Crane

Friday, March 29, 2013

Mean girls are always the haters - Right?

Hailey Harper has always felt invisible. Now her dad has a new job and the family is moving to Hollywood. Just what Hailey needs: starting a new high school.

As she's packing, Hailey finds a journal that belonged to her older sister, Noel, who is away at college. Called "How to Be a Hater," it's full of info Hailey can really use. Has Hailey found the Bible of Coolness? Will it help her reinvent herself at her new school? Will her crush notice her? Will she and the other Invisibles dethrone the popular mean girls? After all, they deserve it. Don't they?

Caprice Crane's funny--and deeply felt--observations about high school, bullies, popularity, friendship, and romance will leave teens thinking...and talking.

Goodreads Summary

Hailey Harper is a typical teenage girl.  She is shy and feels as if nobody notices her; she looks up to her older sister, Noel, as someone of significance, someone to be noticed.  When she finds Noel's "How To Be a Hater" journal, Hailey knows that she might have found something to elevate her social status...or at least get her some attention.  Will Hailey be able to control her newfound power as a Hater?  Will her love interest finally see what is right in front of him?  Is life as a Hater really all that great?

Hailey's character was clearly created by an author with a terrific imagination.  She is a self-professed hater which makes her instantly awesome in my book.  During the story, she transforms from being a shy, shrinking violet to a self-possessed young woman.  It's fascinating to watch the character dynamics change over the course of the novel.  The other characters are interesting; some will rub the reader the wrong way, some will be epically fun to read about, and others are just stereotypical.  

The plot itself is interesting.  There were a few slower portions that I skimmed.  The novel plodded along in some parts, but the reader will likely stick it out to the end.  Overall, this was a fun novel to read and recommended to young adult readers.

3 1/2 Stars

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  1. Diana said...:

    Nice review, thanks! :)

    - Diana

  1. With the journal and their own creativity, Hailey and her friends grow stronger. Skyler’s ex even falls for Hailey. But what she doesn’t bargain for is how good being a hater feels. Skyler deserves it, doesn’t she?

  1. Julie D said...:

    As I look back on my own high school days, I wonder how many kids in my school thought that being a "hater" was necessary to success

  1. Susan T. said...:

    I like the cover! I can't say I'm on board with being a hater. Haters suck!