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Happy Easter Eggstravaganza Giveaway Hop!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

To all who celebrate: HAPPY EASTER!!! On this blog stop you can win:

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  1. Carmen B. said...:

    Thanks for the chance to win! Both books are on my want-list :)
    I'm not doing much this year apart form hang around with my sister and maybe watch a couple movies and read and spent too much time online :P
    In the past we used to hide easter-nests with eggs&chocolate around the garden...

  1. We usually do Easter baskets and hunt for Easter Eggs. Then go over to my mom's for an Easter Lunch. Church is usually so packed I skip it. I figure I'll give up my seat to someone who only goes on holidays. I do try to attend Good Friday Service.

    Happy Easter to you! He is Risen!

  1. Unknown said...:

    When I was little, I went on egg hunts, but now, I just stay indoors and read.

  1. Brooke said...:

    We spend time as a family celebrating Christs resurrection.

  1. Jen Haile said...:

    I hide Easter eggs for my nephew!

  1. We go to Easter service and then to family.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  1. There's a lot of celebration in our neighborhood so we just enjoy it and go along. Happy Easter y'all.

  1. Chelsea B. said...:

    We usually get everyone a little something-- feeling free to eat chocolate, and everything... ;-)

  1. Linzi said...:

    My great grandma has these two little trees in front of her house and that we would decorate with plastic Easter eggs. We would stick string in the eggs and close them. Then, we would tie them on the tree. We don't have trees at my house unfortunately. :( I have been wanting to get my hands on Orleans because it sounds AWESOME! Happy Easter!

  1. Cassandra said...:

    Definitely church and as long as it's possible always family :)

  1. erin said...:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Just hanging out with family :)

  1. aLilLacey said...:

    We go to church every Sunday so that's normal but after my mom does an Easter egg hunt at her house for the grandkids.

  1. Katiria said...:

    Thanks so much for the awesome givaway! on Easter me and my family goes to church and we go to our family house to have easter dinner!

  1. My family always has a cook out or something fun.

  1. TayteH said...:

    The family gets together and we have a big family feast. :D

  1. Desiree said...:

    For Easter my husband and I dye the eggs with the kids and then hide them along with plastic ones filled with candy and coins for the wee ones to find. Then we walk to the park for the big easter egg hunt and play in the playground. We finish it all off with a nice dinner at my parents house. Oh, and of course there are easter baskets thrown in there too!

  1. Unknown said...:

    We go Easter egg hunting with the relatives. :)

  1. Allie said...:

    Easter egg hunt with friends and family :D

  1. Anne said...:

    Just make a nice meal and have a quiet day.

  1. Unknown said...:

    We used to do the whole church thing when we were younger, egg hunts, the whole nine yards. It was so much fun!! As everyone is older now and even the nieces and nephews have grown, we don't all get together so much. However there are still some of us who do so myself and my family (hubby and daughter, who is 19 so not so young!) and my parents head over to my older sisters and have a nice giant dinner and usually do the whole reflect back on the past (the good stuff) and eat like hogs and have a good ol' time!

    Shelly H.

  1. Unknown said...:

    We usually get together and have a cook out and a huge egg hunt for the kids. This year we're going to Pennsylvania to visit family!

  1. We're going to church & then we're doing an Easter egg hunt for my son =)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The entire family, extended and all, goes to church, has a cookout, and then a scavenger. :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I'm looking forward to Orleans.

  1. i past with my family and study :(

  1. We strip the altar on Maundy Thursday and on Saturday we have an Easter Vigil. When we are done, we have the Tintinnabulation (everyone brings pots, pans, noisemakers, etc.) and there's a huge din, and then we have our After Lent party with dancing, live music, food, wine, etc. (I attend an Anglican church)

    Sometimes on Easter we visit my husband's family and have a big meal, or we celebrate with friends. Not sure what we're doing this Easter.

  1. Over the weekend? Family time and good food and church.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I usually visit family. It's also fun to find a trombone or brass band in which to play for sunrise services.

  1. Unknown said...:

    Thanks, we are doing a basket hunt this year since everyone wants something different this year. I have grad school on Monday when we usually do the egg hunt...50% off candy that day to hunt for.

  1. Randi M said...:

    We don't celebrate Easter for religious purposes, but we get together for a family dinner every year. And husband & I are doing dinner with my dad & brother's family tonight since Sunday will be busy. :)

  1. We give the kids each an easter basket of candy and do an egg hunt. We also have a small dinner and then just hang out :) Thank you!

  1. Unknown said...:


  1. flychild7 said...:

    I made baskets for my neice and newphews..

    I am going to my brothers on Sunday and then sunday night, I am working for a few hours.

  1. Suz Reads said...:

    I love to celebrate Easter with my family and we have great food and chocolate bunnies! Happy Easter! Thanks for this amazing giveaway - I would love to win!

  1. Nancy said...:

    Share a special midday meal and dessert(s) with family; hide eggs for the kids, watch them seek, then eat chocolate.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I;ll be making a pie.
    rierie11booger (@)

  1. Jillyn said...:

    Normally, I eat ham with my family. But, I'm away at school this year so I'll probably just eat a ham sandwich in tribute lol.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Spend it with my kids and family and eat great food! :) Thx 4 thE giveaway!

  1. Unknown said...:

    Going to watch granddaughters Easter concert at church then out to eat and spend the day with family...

  1. Looking for Easter eggs with my cousins!

  1. Unknown said...:

    Eating bags of Jelly Beans and painting eggs. Every Easter thats what we do in my family =)

    Happy Hoppy Easter, y'all!!

  1. Christina said...:

    I used to hollow out eggs and decorate them with my sister and then get to keep them since there was no yolk inside anymore!

  1. We just have an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

  1. We celebrate Easter by hunting Easter eggs!

  1. I do love the chocolate & time with family.

  1. Unknown said...:

    We do celebrate! We have dinner with our family and hide eggs for the kids! Thanks!

  1. Kathleen said...:

    Now that my kids are grown, gone are the egg hunts, baskets, and Easter dresses. Now we still go to church and have Easter dinner. Although this year I think we are going to a brunch after church.

  1. We would have a family dinner and then hunt for Easter eggs that were hidden. Thanks!

  1. Sayomay said...:

    I just see family. :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    We don't really celebrate Easter anymore; I would say eating great food and family bonding are what's great about weekends!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

    falses1gns at gmail dot com

  1. makeetis said...:

    I have a family gathering for a big meal and the kids have an easter egg hunt and we always try to have the best day.
    Amy Brewer

  1. Unknown said...:

    We always have a traditional Easter dinner with family, but we also do a easter egg hunt for the little ones.

  1. Unknown said...:

    My bday is on Easter this year, so we will be having my cake, plus Easter egg hunt, an awesome dinner and Church.

    Mkris331 (at) aol (dot) com

  1. My son does an Easter Egg hunt and we have a family dinner.

  1. we go to church and visit family!

  1. Amanda D said...:

    We got to church to honor what Easter is really about. Then we visit with family and have an easter egg hunt for my children.

  1. Christine said...:

    Spend time with my family, just hanging out (my grandma always has an egg hunt for the younger cousins) :)

  1. Easter is my fav holiday. It's spring and normally nice and we go all out. Hunts decorating and lots of celebrating <3

  1. bn100 said...:

    get together for Easter

  1. The family all gets together and we spend the day hiding eggs for the little kiddos and they spend the day looking for them.

  1. Unknown said...:

    I celebrate Easter! We go to church then we have an early lunch/dinner with the family while the kids play all types of games.

    Thank you for the giveaway! Happy Easter!! 9:

  1. We don't really do much during easter:) I just spend time with my family :)

  1. Ashfa said...:

    Thanks for the giveaway. We don't celebrate Easter. :) But it's a holiday for us!

  1. Majuchan said...:

    Well it is already Easter here so, earlier first we went to church together with my family then eat together. Thanks for this!

  1. Dovile said...:

    We all gather together to eat eggs, and we dye the eggs before too.

  1. tammy216 said...:

    I usually spend Easter with my family. We go to church and have dinner.

  1. I get together with family for dinner!

  1. We went to church, and usually hide some eggs for the younger kids, then I steal their eggs, and eat the candy, if I am lucky they got some money :)

    nah, just church and movies after the park.

  1. Denise Z said...:

    This weekend watched a movie (The Help)and the Walking Dead marathon getting ready for the finale, and have been Happy Easter Eggstravaganza hopping :) Thank you for your generosity and the fun.

  1. Unknown said...:

    To celebrate Easter me and my son usually dye Easter eggs the night before and then on Easter day I usually cook dinner and then we would go visit his grandmother but sadly this year we could not do that because she has passed away 2 months ago so this Easter didn't seem like Easter at all. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  1. We don't really celebrate Easter in Singapore, but my family went to eat this special chilli prawn with tofu and chilli stingray! It was really good. ;P

  1. RILEKAT said...:

    We geocache during the weekends...great family activity, gets us out of the house and some exercise and we get the thrill of the find!

  1. Karen said...:

    I saw Peter Pan with my MOm. It is Cathy Rigby's last tour!

  1. When I was a Kid I used to go to see family and give a basket with chocolate to my brother, but now my family doesn't do anything so me, mom, dad and my brother just stay together and usually play games!

  1. Unknown said...:

    We usually have our family over for egg hunting and dinner! I had some minor surgery on Mar. 29th so this year was very quiet.

  1. Justine said...:

    Just getting together with family and having a big dinner! :)

  1. Darlene said...:

    I hide Easter treats in the yard for the kids to find. I tell them how many there are, and they have to go around with the Easter baskets and find everything! They always miss the ones hanging on the clothesline :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  1. jakiesmom said...:

    we color eggs and do an egg hunt

  1. Unknown said...:

    We color eggs and then we each get baskets filled with goodies and then we eat... If we are at my Uncles we go on a huge egg hunt with all the cousins! And we eat lots of food! It's a lot of fun

  1. We usually just do a year when my daughter is a little older we'll do an egg hunt :)

  1. My family just does a big dinner, the little kids do an egg hunt though

  1. Sherry said...:

    I didn't do anything this year because I only had one day off work and I washed clothes and cleaned. Most of the time we get together for a big family dinner and hunt eggs.

  1. Meghan said...:

    Happy Easter or should I say, Hoppy Easter! I love these hops so much! I try to do every one I come across. For this Easter, I celebrated by sleeping in and then going out for dinner and ice cream with my family. It was fun. I hope that your Easter was just as fun!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  1. Unknown said...:

    I just made dinner for my fiance. We didn't really celebrate Easter this year, but we probably will when we have children.

  1. Unknown said...:

    My family celebrates greek easter <3 we get together and have a family dinner!

  1. arazzas said...:

    My family usually celebrates Easter together (:

  1. deasuluna said...:

    I did an easter egg hunt for the my nieces and nephews and younger cousins in our backyard!

  1. Leeanna said...:

    I don't do anything, actually. Just enjoyed it as a day off and did some reading.

  1. Daniel M said...:

    now that we're all older we only do the family dinner - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  1. When my kids where younger I would set up a basket for each of them with lots of candy and a big chocolate bunny and a few toys in there. Then we would have an Easter egg hunt. With the eggs that we had died the night before. My kids loved dying the eggs. I so miss that! I would also get plastic eggs and fill them with money and candy. I so miss those days!! Thank you so much for a chance to win and for being a part of this fun and awesome blog hop!!

  1. my daughter was at home with her new husband so we had a big family dinner.

  1. andie said...:

    We did a Christian Easter egg hunt where they were filled with an object that correlated to verses in the Bible - and as we went along, we each took turns reading the corresponding verses to tell the Easter Story in the end. They did get a bit of choc. but we emphasize the ressurection of Jesus.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    We decorate Easter Eggs, hide Easter eggs and candy for the kids and have a nice dinner.

  1. Mona said...:

    We're not Christian but we didn't want to miss out so when my brother and I were kids, my mom used to hide candy. Since she didn't keep track of how much she hid and where, we would find some months later.

    This year, my daughter(7 1/2)rec'd an Easter basket from her playmate's family. Now that she's old enough to be aware of special occasions/holidays, we'll make more of an effort to celebrate them and make them memorable for her.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  1. Stacy said...:

    I didn't really do anything special for Easter because my Relay for Life team accidentally scheduled a car wash that as team captain I was required to attend (we didn't have a single customer or a single team member to help so I ended it early). But for fun on the weekends we go to the theme parks, the local parks, or if it is a game day, we go see the Tampa Bay Storm arena football team.

  1. I usually go to Church with my family, and then hang out with them for lunch. Just spend the day with the family. Best thing ever!

  1. We just have dinner with the family. Thanks!