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The Wood Queen by Karen Mahoney

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This product or book may have been distributed for review, this in no way affects my opinions or reviews.Donna Underwood is in deep trouble.An ancient alchemical order is holding her accountable for destroying the last precious drops of the elixar of life. Never mind the fact that Donna was acting to free her friend, Navin, from the dangerous clutches of the Wood Queen at the time. But what the alchemists have in store is nothing compared to the wrath of the fey. The Wood Queen has been tricked and Donna must pay. Get ready for all hell - quite literally - to break loose...

Goodreads Summary

All readers excited for this sequel should run to get their hands on a copy.  Author Karen Mahoney captures readers and thrusts them into her world of elves, alchemists, and power.  Donna is in deep trouble with the alchemists over the elixir debacle from the first book, The Iron Witch, and worries constantly about her dying mother.  Worry over her mother consumes her and she faces her deadliest enemy, the Wood Queen, in an attempt to save her mother.  The Wood Queen is notorious for twisting her truths and dishonesty, will Donna's dealings go well?

The reader will get to know the other characters much better.  Donna grows in this book, she matures.  The reader will enjoy watching Donna and Xan's relationship grow as well.  Though the romance is not the focus of the novel, Mahoney will make the reader believe that a cold-hearted, half-blood could love mortal Donna.  It will be interesting for the reader to learn more about Xan and make his/her own decision as Xan is still a little hard to trust, loving Donna or not.  The other characters, especially Navin, are very fun to read about.  They play a very important part in pushing the plot along at a rapid rate. 

The plot begins with no hesitation, the reader will be taken straight into action.  Following Donna's quick actions and rapid thoughts will keep the reader occupied throughout the novel.  The book contains quite a few twists and surprises, enough to make the plot fast-paced and the reader guessing.  The reader will receive glimpses into both Donna and her mothers' minds as well as learn some pertinent background information.  This book is highly recommended to young adult/teen readers-if you haven't picked up the first book, check it out on Goodreads (The Iron Witch). 

5 Stars

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