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Guest Post by Author Karice Bolton

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
First, I wanted to say a big thank you to Krystal for letting me say hi to you all!! I am the author of The Watchers Trilogy, which is a paranormal romance series set in the sometimes soggy Pacific Northwest. I live here and love it, but some do complain about the dampness, but when it is sunny we certainly all enjoy it!!
I wanted to quickly touch on location and writing about locations before providing a little excerpt from Legions, the second book in The Watchers Trilogy. Awakening is the opening book in the trilogy, beginning in Whistler Village. I have to say, if you ever have a chance to go up there, totally do it! It is beautiful no matter the time of year, but when the snow is falling and the lights are twinkling, it is breathtaking. There is so much to do day or night! It’s great! Check out this link Whistler Village . Anyway, the trilogy begins in Whistler and becomes a pivotal location as the trilogy unfolds.

Many places through out the Northwest (Seattle, Kingston, Victoria) are integral backdrops for the scenes I write about, and I think often they can play as an important role as the story itself. There is something really wonderful about being able to capture what it is like to be on a ferry chugging off into the sound, with the feel of the cold steel walls and the water rippling or crashing in the ferry’s wake.

One thing that is so cool about imagery is that a reader can conjure up two very different feels from one particular locale based on some little tweaks. For instance, during one of my battle scenes in Legions, Ana and Athen are fighting demons on and around a ferry. The coldness of the steel and the frigid water crashing against the ferry as they fight to save themselves and the mortals, leaves the reader with a very different feel of anger, excitement, and adrenaline brewing as opposed to when Athen and Ana are falling back in love in Awakening on a simple ferry ride to Kingston. Those first few moments when Athen and Ana are together experiencing the beautiful scenery are so tender and sweet instead of brutal and cold. Right before he lifts her up and kisses her, he places her gently on a stairwell railing, letting the cold steel penetrate her clothing. The cold of the steel is not conveying a message of danger and brutality, but rather their actions are signaling warmth and love between two people and the cold steel is just there. One little ferry ride can produce very different outcomes. Anyway, that’s what happens to my poor mind when I go for a simple ferry ride. I can’t leave well enough alone. J

It was an amazingly rewarding experience to write The Watchers Trilogy, and I love being able to share it. Below is an excerpt from The Watchers Trilogy: Legions – hope you enjoy!

The Watchers Trilogy: Legions

I kept deathly still and tried staring as hard as I could and listening as best as possible to try to pick up what they were doing. Watching them deliberate over an unknown, continued to raise the red flags. To my horror, they started their way over towards where I was. They didn’t seem to know I was up in the tree, and I was at least now able to see them better. Unfortunately, with the close proximity I could now sense them as well. They were what I expected.

The closer they got, the quieter I breathed, the slower I blinked my eyes, the harder I prayed they wouldn’t see me. When they were only about 100 feet away or so, they stopped. My heart began beating so fast that I was worried I was going to give myself away.

They were spreading out and, before I knew it, fighting began amongst them. The females and males were going at it regardless of gender. Another one of the demons somersaulted and missed their intended target, landing on their back. Another one of the demons came over to help him up. One of the females attempted to jump on the shoulders of another, missing as well, landing with a thud on her side. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. These demons were horrible. There was no way they could be this bad. Unless it was a trap, and they knew I was here, luring me down thinking I could take them and then they could finish me off.

I didn’t get that feeling, however. I think they were truly this bad. They must be minions or newly-formed - not sure which one. Either way, it was fascinating. I couldn’t believe my good luck or bad luck, depending on how I’d want to look at it considering I was stuck up a tree like a cat. The fighting actually seemed to be getting worse by the minute, and I was worried that I might not be able to stifle my laugh. I hoped I wasn’t going to be that poor in my battles.

The confidence began growing lightning-quick inside of me, and that’s when I decided to do it. These were about as unskilled as I could get, and I took it as a sign. I think it was time to practice. Cyril and Arie would be furious, but that thought only popped in after I had already let go of the tree, flying down to the soil awaiting my arrival.

Landing with one knee on the ground, and the other ready to lunge, I looked up at the group of demons: a smile across my lips appeared as a laughter I didn’t recognize began coming from deep within. A sound I didn’t know was possible began oozing out of my soul. Pointing at my first victim and curling my finger to welcome her, I imagined she was the serpent woman luring Athen. She didn’t have a chance.