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The Weaver by Emmi Itaranta

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The author of the critically acclaimed Memory of Water returns with this literary ecological tale in the vein of Ursula K. Le Guin and Sheri S. Tepper, in which an innocent young woman becomes entangled in a web of ancient secrets and deadly lies that lie at the dark center of her prosperous island world.

Eliana is a model citizen of the island, a weaver in the prestigious House of Webs. She also harbors a dangerous secret—she can dream, an ability forbidden by the island’s elusive council of elders. No one talks about the dreamers, the undesirables ostracized from society.

But the web of protection Eliana has woven around herself begins to unravel when a young girl is found lying unconscious in a pool of blood on the stones outside the house. Robbed of speech by her attackers, the only clue to her identity is one word tattooed in invisible ink across her palm: Eliana. Why does this mysterious girl bear her name? What links her to the weaver—and how can she hold Eliana’s fate in her hand?

As Eliana finds herself growing closer to this injured girl she is bound to in ways she doesn’t understand, the enchanting lies of the island begin to crumble, revealing a deep and ancient corruption. Joining a band of brave rebels determined to expose the island’s dark secrets, Eliana becomes a target of ruthless forces determined to destroy her. To save herself and those she loves, she must call on the power within her she thought was her greatest weakness: her dreams.

Goodreads Summary

As somebody who barely dreams (and wants to!) I found this book fascinating. Eliana is a dreamer, an ability forbidden to the members of the island where she lives. In order to get a true sense of the plot, the reader has to get a good twenty or so pages into the book. The author does an amazing job of world-building and creating. I could picture scenes in my mind and I wished I could visit the Island. There were so many different facets of this sci-fi society to consider. It was honestly difficult to keep everything straight. Eliana and Valeria were fun characters. They were mostly friends that evolved to be romantic friends. Again, it's a little ephemeral and difficult to describe, but Elliana and Valeria definitely had some romantic moments and vibes. 

Valeria's character made me like Eliana's more. She brought out the softer sides and made me see Eliana as more than just a character. Eliana was a very strong character to the point of being stubborn. She often only saw things in a certain light. I enjoyed the uncovering of weird and slightly evil secrets. The subject of dreams and how they played into the book made me think of dreams differently. I also found it interesting that this novel was translated. The translation was seamless for the most part. I would recommend this book to adult fantasy readers.

4 Stars

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