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Alive by Chandler Baker

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stella Cross's heart is poisoned.

After years on the transplant waiting list, she's running out of hope that she'll ever see her eighteenth birthday. Then, miraculously, Stella receives the transplant she needs to survive.

Determined to embrace everything she came so close to losing, Stella throws herself into her new life. But her recovery is marred by strange side effects: Nightmares. Hallucinations. A recurring pain that flares every day at the exact same moment. Then Stella meets Levi Zin, the new boy on everyone's radar at her Seattle prep school. Stella has never felt more drawn to anyone in her life, and soon she and Levi are inseparable.

Stella is convinced that Levi is her soul mate. Why else would she literally ache for him when they are apart?

After all, the heart never lies...does it?

Goodreads Summary

Sometimes you wonder what the worst thing in the world to experience could be. After reading this book I would say that waiting for your heart transplant would be close to the top. You aren't dying from old age, nor from a wasting mind. You are all there in the head and you know that you are dying. Definitely a pure hell on earth. Some people like Stella get lucky though and beat the odds though.

This book has a lot of aspects that make it good. Not only is it unique in the "phantom limb" category, but it also is really good at making you think about life and the things that truly matter. I liked the idea of the transplanted heart sending message to the new body that it inhabits. They always say that the heart lives on, but this book takes it to another level that is enchanting. The Author does a great job at creating a very believable introspective character here that is taking her second chance at life seriously. So often we hear about drug/alcohol addicts having their close call, recovering for a bit, and then going back to the destructive lifestyle. It was refreshing to see Stella have her close call in life and make changes to herself to achieve a better shot at happiness. Stella is a strong person and will persevere. You will find yourself rooting for her all the way through because she is very likeable as a person. Many people will also like the element of romance and the twist that goes along with this book in the end. In general, this book is out of the ordinary in all the right ways to make for a great read.

4 Stars

Reviewed by Chris

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