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The Turncoat's Gambit by Andrea Cremer

Sunday, October 9, 2016

What if America had lost the Revolutionary War? And now lived in constant fear and oppression? From the bestselling author of Nightshade, this is the action-packed final chapter of The Inventor's Secret trilogy

Charlotte has spent her whole life fighting the British Empire, following in the footsteps of her parents and their group of rebels. But when her reunion with her mother laid bare horrible truths about the rebellion, Charlotte knew she had to escape. Now she is on the run, with no idea who the enemy is--or which of her compatriots is truly on her side.

In this action-packed conclusion to the Inventor's Secret trilogy, full of swashbuckling pirates and young ladies who can hold their own against them, Charlotte will need to fight for her life and for her beliefs -- whatever they might be.

Praise for The Conjurer's Riddle:

"This is classic steampunk [with] exotic and picturesque locales, lots of interesting machinery, and the adrenaline rush of following the adventures of an honest and fearless heroine. A suitably swashbuckling sequel."--Kirkus Reviews
Praise for The Inventor's Secret:

* "Cremer...creates an inventive blend of steampunk and alternative history in this new series. She gives readers a fantastical world with mechanical wonders and an opulent vintage setting. The characters are interesting and well developed. Readers will be drawn to future installments."--VOYA, starred review

"[A]n entertaining romp in a richly imaginative setting."--Kirkus Reviews

Goodreads Summary

I love the Inventor's Secret series and was expecting a lot from this one! America has lost the revolutionary war, but not all hope is lost. Charlotte and her family are rebels and are determined to take America back. She goes to unusual places and engages in intrigue and drama to accomplish her goal. I loved seeing Charlotte's character develop further into a more mature young woman. She grew more pugnacious (good or bad trait depending the scenario) and more dependable as a person. She definitely isn't a heroine that needs saving; she can save herself by herself. 

I liked the quandary of who was foe and who was friend. It was a little difficult for me, even as the reader, to tell. It added a dimension to the plot that the other two books could have used. I liked how some of the secondary characters were also developed a bit alongside Charlotte. It gave me more insight into Charlotte's character and the plot. I was very satisfied with the ending. Andrea Cremer is such a talented writer. I love how her words just seem to flow on the page. I'm never bored and I always want to finish her books immediately.

4 Stars

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