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Fierce by L.G. Kelso Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hi everyone!

Thanks for having me! Since relationships and trust play a key role in Fierce, I thought it would be neat to list a few types of relationships that are often pretty intense bonds. We see some of these in fiction, and I would love to see more. There's a lot behind these relationships. That, and I'm a psychology nerd, so here we go.

What are some areas (jobs, sports etc) that significantly impact the types of relationships formed?
-Martial Arts. Fierce is a sports fiction novel with romance elements, and it focuses around mixed martial arts. A key component to the martial arts--in real life and in the novel--are the relationships and bonds formed among students. Trust is a big deal, especially when it comes to a smaller built person working with a bigger person (say a girl working with a guy).  You can end up in very vulnerable situations, especially when letting someone else learn joint locks or chokes, or getting thrown. It can also be a pretty intense setting, and so the relationships formed are usually pretty intense, form quickly, and differ from a lot of other relationships. There's also something about being around others who understand (because a good chunk of the population does not) why you do all of this to yourself.

-Police Department and Fire Department. I don’t think this one needs much explanation. Not only are these guys and girls in intense situations and have to save lives, they also have to have each other's back like no other.

-Military. Talk about bonding, intensity and looking out for one another.

-First Responders. Also, high intensity setting, and with the whole pressure of having to save a life--and trust that the person next to you knows what they are doing.

Can you think of some others to add to the list?

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