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Interview with Imogen Howson!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

(Her next book is coming soon and is wonderful!  I'm in the middle of it now!)
1) Do you feel more like Elissa or Lin?
I definitely feel more like Elissa.  Because she’s kind of a normal girl thrown into extraordinary circumstances, whereas Lin, due to her background, is absolutely NOT normal.  I like Lin a lot, though—she was so much fun to write, probably because she doesn’t conform to ordinary standards of behavior.
2) How did you come up with the setting?
The setting developed gradually, from various snippets of ideas I’d had over several years.  Cities that really use all three dimensions (skyscrapers, big tangles of roads going under and over each other etc) always seem more futuristic to me than if they just all sit on one boring level.  And once I’d started visualizing that, it was obvious I should have things like flying cars.  It is the future, after all.
3) Would you change any scene if you could?
I think I’m still too close to the book to know if any of the scenes could be improved by being changed, so right now I don’t think so.  I have a soft spot for epilogues, though, so part of me would like to add an epilogue.  Even though, in the case of this book, I really don’t think an epilogue is either necessary or desirable!
4) Are you going to work on a third book in the series?
I don’t have any plans to work on a third book in this series right now.  I think Unravel ends in a pretty good place.  I might want to revisit the characters at some point, though—there’s definitely a lot more I could do with them.
5) What was your favorite scene to write?
I always love writing action scenes—specially with lots of blood and danger—so anyone who reads Unravel will probably be able to tell which my favorites were!  I daren’t be too specific because *spoilers*!
6) What was the hardest character to develop and why?
I think Elissa was the hardest.  Although she’s basically a normal girl, so to start with I knew how she’d react because it was more or less how I would have reacted when I was her age (or, to be honest, now!), she ends up having to deal with really weird, difficult stuff that normal people don’t usually have to cope with.  So her character had to change and develop in response to all that weird stuff—but in a way that was in character for someone who’s still just a schoolgirl. 
Elissa’s brother, Bruce, plays more of a part in Unravel than he did in Linked, so that was a little tricky, too.  I had to keep him consistent with the bits of his character you see in Linked, but I also had to develop him further—which meant developing the relationship he has with some of the other characters further as well.

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  1. bn100 said...:

    the characters sound interesting

  1. Olivia Harvard said...:

    This was a great interview! After reading which scenes Imogen likes writing the best, I'm hooked. Plus, the cover is absolutely beautiful. Cannot wait to pick up a copy.