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Rose and the Lost Princess by Holly Webb: Blog Tour and Giveaway

Friday, May 16, 2014

The second spellbinding adventure with Rose… Turning the worn pages of her spell book, Rose can’t believe how much her life has changed. Once a poor orphan, and now an apprentice to the King’s chief magician! But when the country’s beloved Princess vanishes, everything changes. As rumours of dark magic fly through the city, the King asks Rose for help. She must find the missing Princess – before all is lost.

Goodreads Summary

This is a fun book with adventure and magic that will definitely appeal to those that loved the "Harry Potter" series. This is the second book in the series and it picks up where the last one left off. We meet a few new characters and Rose learns a bit more about her abilities in her search for the lost princess. 

I loved this book and I really enjoyed reading about Rose's adventures. She is discovering how to work her way through all of the challenges that she meets. She is strong willed and determined and the author creates a great female lead in the character Rose. The light hearted and playful atmosphere keeps the book fun but doesn't distract from the fact that there is a serious mission on the table and failure is not an option. The magic adds a great fantasy aspect that mystifies and slightly darkens the tale without being too serious at the same time. 

4 Stars

*Reviewed by Chris* 

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  1. Steph said...:

    I really enjoyed this book too. It is very cute and I love the magical elements!

  1. bn100 said...:

    the magic part sounds fun

  1. If it is anything like Harry Potter I know I will love it! I love the magical bits :)