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The Pleasure of Memory by Welcome Cole

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Beam is a smuggler, a murderer, and a rogue, who lives by the age-old rules of "Finders, keepers" and "To thy own self be true." Abandoned by his family and raised in a run-down priory by an old monk, he is consumed by his anger. He measures the worth of the world's citizens less by the character of their hearts than the gold he can pick from their pockets. However, when he receives a mysterious message from his long dead mother, his carefully constructed rules of priority and self-interest are changed forever. Wrapped within that message is an ancient map that leads him far south to the reservations of the Vaemyn, a race of savages forcefully sequestered from the world by the civilized Allied Nations. Once there, he searches through a burial ground the size of a small city where he finds an ancient artifact called the Blood Caeyl, a rare red crystal carved in the image of a sensuous eye that he believes will make him rich beyond his dreams. In his flight, he crosses paths with Chance Gnoman, a powerful Water Caeyl Mage. When Chance recognizes the Blood Caeyl, he explains the importance of the artifact in the war that is about to ensue. The artifact begins to change Beam, awakening the memories of a thousand lifetimes, and with those memories, the powers of a god.

Goodreads Summary

I found this world very interesting. It drew me in being familiar enough to make an instant connection but still fresh enough to keep things new and intriguing. The main character Beam is a product of his situation; a jerk, and a thief.  You still end up feeling sorry for him though as he was a child that was abandoned by his family and left to be raised in a monastery.

I really liked the idea behind the Blood Caeyl crystal and the powers that it possesses. It is ironic that it ended up in the hands of Beam as he is not the ideal person that most would think deserves what it bestows. Either way, it is interesting to see Beam's "fallen society" character morph because of the situation that he is dealt. It forces him to be a better man slowly but surely and definitely does not play out for him the way he originally intended. This fantasy action/adventure is definitely something worth checking out. 

4 Stars

*Reviewed by Chris*   

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  1. Susan T. said...:

    I'm not so sure that I like that the main character is a jerk even if he has a good excuse!