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Credara by JE Henderson

Thursday, December 5, 2013
CREDARA: Rise of the Kraylen is book one of the exciting new fantasy fiction series, The Credara Trilogy. After the Kraylen, fallen angels cast out of Heaven after the Great War, rise up against God and mankind for revenge, a reluctant monk learns that not only is he God's chosen warrior, but discovers that the leader of the uprising brutally murdered his entire family during his youth. Now, he must grow beyond his own seething anger and desire for vengeance, and into the warrior he was destined to be. While harnessing the immense power of the Credara, he must lead a Godly army against God's purest enemy, and save mankind from a fate worse than death.

Goodreads Summary

Lucifer, the keeper of the depths of hell, was originally a member of the army of heaven, but was cast down for his evil deeds along with his Kraylen army of fallen angels. He was locked up for eternity with his army of Kraylen soldiers roaming the earth and breeding with the human scum to rebuild and eventually plot for revenge.  Along with his right hand man, General Licronius, the Kraylen are rising from the evil fiery pits to reclaim the earth and heaven from the Sitcians, the angel army of god.

Enter Agean, a naturally skilled fighting monk unaware of the the epic destiny that awaits him. He is herculean in nature as a half Sitcian-half human and is the chosen one to bear the burden of the “Credara”, the key to the gates of hell. His predetermined task: open the gates of hell with the Credara and take down Lucifer and the Kraylen army before they unravel all that is good in the world.

Credara is a non-stop exciting cataclysmic battle that never has a dull moment. J. E. Henderson weaves a thread in this story that stitches a middle-earth vibe, with a monk monastery, and a flawed herculean style hero into a perfect braid of suspense and action. The character development is amazing and you are struck with curiosity from page one. Agean is rebellious, arrogant, has razor sharp reflexes, and fits the non deserving privileged hero role perfectly. The familiarity of the story of Lucifer and the war with heaven never once slides into the overly preachy genre but retains its good versus evil vibe in extremely good taste. The battle scenes are described in great detail and keep this story captivating from beginning to end. This is an epic thrill ride that should not be passed by.

4 Stars

*Reviewed by Chris*

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  1. Wren B. said...:

    This cover is cool and it sounds really interesting.

  1. Berenice said...:

    I love reading fantasy novels and this one sounds awesome. I need to check it out. Fantastic review. Thank you! =)