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Catch a Falling Star: A Novel by Beth K. Vogt

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What does a girl do when life doesn’t go according to her plan? At thirty-six, Kendall Haynes has seen some of her dreams come true. She’s a family physician helping kids with severe allergies and asthma achieve more fulfilling lives—a childhood struggle she knows all too well. But are Kendall’s dreams of having it all—a career, a husband, children—nothing more than a childhood fantasy? God says He knows the plans He has for her—why can’t Kendall figure them out and be content with her life?

Griffin Walker prefers flying solo—both as an Air Force pilot and in his personal life. But a wrong choice and health problems pulled him out of the cockpit. His attempts to get out of “flying a desk” are complicated by his parents’ death—making Griffin the reluctant guardian of his sixteen-year-old brother, Ian. How did his life get so off course? Can he get his life back on track…or has there been a divine plan all along?

Goodreads Summary

Kendall is a doctor with very little time.  She had hoped for a balance in life where she could have a family, job, and picket fence; instead, she has been married to her job.  She can literally hear her biological clock ticking, should she give up or get moving?  Griffin is a pilot with a cavalier attitude and love for fast flight.  When disasters make it impossible for him to return to his job, he must decide whether to give in to life or push back.  The two find each other at interesting crossroads in their lives, will they help each other out and form a strong bond?

Kendall is a dedicated worker who strives to do her best by her patients.  Her kind personality and caring nature make it nearly impossible not to instantly like her.  Griffin is a little more devil-may-care and has many of the characteristics (charisma, good looks, and a healthy dose of confidence).  They are foils to each other's characteristics and I could easily see how they would fit together.  It seems apparent that they could each fulfill each others' needs. The reader will keep his/her fingers crossed for a budding relationship between the two main characters.  This book is perfect to take on a long airplane flight or for a day on the beach.  This book is recommended to adult readers. 

3 1/2 Stars

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  1. Diana said...:

    Thanks for the post :)

  1. bn100 said...:

    This sounds interesting

  1. Sam said...:

    This doesn't sound like it's for me. But a great review! I'll probably give this a miss.

  1. Susan T. said...:

    I think a lot of people in their late 30's realize that they haven't fulfilled all their dreams. Nice to know there is still hope for happiness!

  1. Berenice said...:

    This one sounds nice and something I'd like to read. Fantastic review. Thank you! =)