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Papillon by Miwa Ueda

Sunday, October 30, 2022

It’s no fun being a high school outcast. It’s even harder when your twin sister is the most popular girl in school! The ultra-glam Hana is the ultimate teen queen, but her sister, Ageha, is just a shy tomboy. Hana loves being the center of attention so much that she’ll do anything to keep her sister in her shadow. But Ageha has a plan that will change her life. Because no one, not even Hana, can hold Ageha back forever. . .

Goodreads Summary

I love Miwa Ueda's stories and this one is no different. The story develops with Ageha feeling "othered" in her own home; she grew up with her granda while Hana was raised by their parents. Although Ageha and Hana were twins they were very different in both personality and focus with Ageha working hard on her studies and Hana focusing more on fashion and boys.   The author takes care to develop Ageha while leaving Hana's character less developed until later in the series. Right away, the reader is drawn to Ageha and her gentle, empathic nature. 

Within the first half the story, the reader meets two potential love interests of Ageha's. The story continues with Hana plotting to give Ageha's happily ever after trouble at every turn. I loved the romance and relationship development between Ageha and her "sensei." It was a relationship that the reader could only dream of having in reality. The romantic scenes were more than just physical, but also emotional. I found myself hoping that Ageha would achieve her happily ever after with her Sensei after the first book in the series. 

5 Stars

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