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Good Morning, Love by Ashley M. Coleman

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

For fans of My (Not So) Perfect Life and Jasmine Guillory’s While We Were Dating, a disarmingly fun debut novel follows Carlisa Henton as her life comes undone after a chance meeting with a rising pop star.

Carlisa “Carli” Henton is a musician and songwriter hoping to follow in her father’s musical footsteps. But, biding her time until she makes it big in the music industry, she works as a junior account manager at a big-name media company to cover her New York City rent. Carli meticulously balances her work with her musical endeavors as a songwriter—until a chance meeting with rising star Tau Anderson sends her calculated world into a frenzy. Their worlds collide and quickly blur the strict lines Carli has drawn between her business and her personal life, throwing Carli’s reputation—and her burgeoning songwriting career—into question.

A smart, timely, energizing romance, Good Morning, Love shows us what the glamorous New York’s music scene is really like and takes us into the lives of a rising but somewhat troubled R&B star and a promising protégé who knows her job better than she knows herself.

With fresh and honest prose, Good Morning, Love examines the uncertainty of being a new professional looking to chase a dream while also trying to survive in a world that’s not always kind to ambitious women.

Goodreads Summary

I can still remember when I learned the difference between a driven, confident woman vs a man. This novel has so many layers to it, but one of the subjects that I feel it touches on very well is how a woman like Carli can be viewed in a world where being a professional woman means that any misstep is heavily penalized. I liked Carli as a person. She has goals and values her achievements. When the author chose to throw a love interest in the mix I was a little disappointed that the book didn't focus solely on Carlie; however, I grew to like the somewhat antagonist feel of the relationship between Carlie and Tau. Their relationship is not one that I'm used to reading about in this genre. I felt like it was a bit like You Tarzan, Me Jane and it was unexpected for me. 

The plot itself didn't have a particularly fast pace, but I enjoyed reading this book over the course of a few days. The scenes were well-thought out and there wasn't too much fluff in the novel despite having a love story at its center. I suppose I would have liked to see a little further development with their relationship and I had a bit of trouble connecting with Tau initially. The ending surprised me; I thought that the reader would get to learn a little more about what ended up happening to Carlie than they did. Overall, this is a lovely book to take with on an airplane or on the way to the beach. 

3 1/2 Stars

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  1. This one sounds good, I'll keep it on my TBR. Great review!