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Captain Hotness by Weston Parker: Release Blitz

Saturday, October 21, 2017


I’m a single father. A widower. A Firefighter.
That means I’m trained to find danger in every situation.
So how did I not see Bailey coming? She’s the spark that starts an inferno. She’s the fuel for the passion in my heart. She’s been nothing more than a friend since we were kids, but fuck me, she’s all grown up now. It’s her that I go to for comic relief after a million blind-dates, each more ridiculous than the last. And then, without any warning, like a backdraft that kills everyone in its path, she swept me right off my feet.
Now I need her the way flames need oxygen. With a passion that leaves me aching and hard as shit.
But will I be able to convince her I’ve changed?
That I’m not the player she thinks I am, but the man I know she wants me to be? Fuck if I know, but I gotta try with everything inside of me. My best friend’s little sister is in for one hell of a love story.
It goes something like this… I’m her man, and my heart is all hers. And her body is all mine. Cause with her? I don’t put out fires. I start them.

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