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Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Tuesday, May 7, 2019
He’s the infamous killer no man has ever been able to find.

Now it’s a girl’s turn.

Groomed to be the perfect highborn Victorian young lady, Audrey Rose Wadsworth has a decidedly different plan for herself. After the loss of her beloved mother, she is determined to understand the nature of death and its workings. Trading in her embroidery needle for an autopsy scalpel, Audrey secretly apprentices in forensics. She soon gets drawn into the investigation of serial killer Jack the Ripper, but to her horror, the search for clues brings her far closer to her sheltered world than she ever thought possible.

Goodreads Summary

I loved this book. I love all things Jack the Ripper (not the killing part, but the lore and the mystery) and I loved how the author handled the mystery and combined it with a powerful and intelligent heroine. Audrey lives a bit of a double life. Although she is supposed to fit the Victorian ideal of a lady, she is in love with science, not highborn men. She prefers science and cold, hard facts over flirty smiles and pretty dresses. She chooses to learn about forensics right around the time that Jack the Ripper begins his deadly slaughter. Audrey is determined to follow the line of clues right to the killer's front door.

I enjoyed Audrey's character, overall. I liked how she rebelled against her family and society's standards for her. I liked that her uncle supported Audrey's interest in forensics when her own father wouldn't. The adventures her uncle and her went on made me want to go on adventures with my own family more (extended family). The author incorporated secrets and deception to the perfect degree. It wasn't as ridiculous as Pretty Little Liars; a story about the complicated and elusive Jack the Ripper needs a few secrets. Thomas acted as Audrey's foil; he was sardonic and had an unusual mind. Although he was handsome, his intellect and brain drew Audrey to him, not his looks. I liked how Thomas fit into the story; the developing romance did not take over the main plot, but it was a nice interlude once in a while. 

4 Stars

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