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Beautiful Scars by Kilee Brookbank

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Kilee Brookbank was a typical sixteen-year-old, thinking about school, soccer, her friends, and her boyfriend. But her last ordinary day erupted in an explosion that consumed her house, burning over 45 percent of her body and sending her to the very brink of death. After thirty-eight days of surgeries, skin grafts, perpetual physical therapy, and excruciating pain, she had to discover how to live again.

When Kilee returned home, she had to find a new “normal,” relearning how to tie her shoes, put on her makeup, and even turn a doorknob. In each moment of her long journey back to everyday life, she had to make choices that would define who she was and who she would become.

With unwavering support from her mom, Lori, and the rest of her family, Kilee faced her journey with determination, strength, and a positive attitude that inspired not only her community, but people around the world.

Told together by Kilee and Lori, Beautiful Scars is a story of recovery, healing, and hope, reminding us all that we’re never powerless, never alone, and that each challenge we face helps make us the people we are meant to be.

Goodreads Summary

I can't imagine being Kilee. After a tragedy leaves her with nearly half of her skin burned she somehow manages to survive. Undergoing skin grafts and physical therapy helps her, but she must work through the pain. I never thought about the simple things I do with my hands or feet that became significantly more difficult for Kilee. Kilee doesn't sugarcoat anything for the readers or try to tell them that it will be perfectly OK. She relies on the support of family and friends to help her through this immensely difficult time. 

I really liked that the story was told from the perspective of Kilee and her mom, Lori. Lori's perspective made me think about the emotions and difficulties moms go through when something happens to their children. I am not a mother (just out of college!) and was a little selfish in not realizing this. I found the book interesting and a worthwhile read as a whole. I learned much more about the aftermath of a burn than my sister or I do in medical school. This book is worth a second look!

4 Stars

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