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We Are The Destroyers by D.K. Linder

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Many thousands of years ago on a planet in the Belt of Orion, Captain Bel'lar accepts a monumental task. Overconsumption is destroying his home planet, and synthetic foods are turning his people into degenerated mutants. As one of the few remaining but persecuted Organs, Bel'lar and his small crew are sent to find the semi-mythical blue-white planet and discover if it is really a place for humanity to begin again. But the visions of his beautiful companion Ry Sing, a mystic and seer shake Bel'lar. She tells him that eons ago, Bel'lar was faced with the burden of saving his people from their own greed. Only then he was the Great One, the sacred head of their religion. He had seen no other way to liberate them than to destroy the planet in a great cataclysm. . . But could this vision be true? Bel'lar and his crew find the blue-white planet, a wonderful, habitable place. They return home but 350 years have passed. The Synthetics have taken over the planet and Organs don't exist anymore. Searching for anyone to take back to the blue-white planet, Bel'lar is captured and taken to the Compound of the Congress where he learns he will be sacrificed at the Last Rites of Ester. When Bel'lar is brought out to be sacrificed, the truth of Ry Sing's vision begins to reveal itself. Will he be able to avoid his destiny this time? Or is he fated to live the vision once again?

Goodreads Summary

The idea of limited resources in this universe is not something that is unfamiliar to the current inhabitants of Earth. The thing here is that humanity is no longer on earth and the current planet that they reside on is running dry itself. People are running on synthetic foods and it is creating a band of mutants that are less than desirable. Will the new planet of choice be the answer to the problems of the human race or cause more problems than there were in the first place.

Those interested in sci-fi/fantasy will be fascinated by this interesting presentation of a possibility of where the human race is headed. I liked how it tackled the ethical issue of overusing resources on planets and how humans always seem to gobble up everything they come into contact with. Also I liked the creation of synthetic food just like we kind of do with preservatives and genetic engineering of foods however amplified in the future. This is a great exploration of possibilities and the disasters that may come of humans in a Star Trek infused package.  Give this book a read, it will be worth your time.

3.5 Stars

-Reviewed by Chris- 

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