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Taming Fate: Guest Post and Promo!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Inspired By...

I started writing Fate of the Gods a long time ago – more than ten years ago now! – so pinpointing my exact inspirations for the series gets more and more difficult with every release. But I can say that there are several authors (and particular books) which influenced me heavily as an author and as a person, and maybe they might do the same for you!

1) Somewhere around 1998, my mother’s friends gave me a copy of The Crystal Singer Omnibus, by Anne McCaffrey. That trilogy was a gateway to an incredible world of storytelling which captured my imagination for YEARS to come. In fact, I still to this day reread the Crystal Singer books, periodically. The adventures of Killashandra Ree and Lars Dahl just never let me go, and I went on to read nearly all of McCaffrey’s Pern books, as well as the Doona books, and a handful of others. If I had to point to one author as the major influence for my writing style, I’d point to Anne McCaffrey, and in particular, those well-loved Crystal Singer books.

2) About the same time, I started seriously reading Heinlein – I’d read Red Planet before then, and Podkayne of Mars also, but not any of his works for adults. One of the Grand Masters of Science Fiction, Heinlein tackled an incredible range of social and political topics in his novels. He gave me a taste for books with real theological and philosophical MEAT in them, and to this day, I can’t help but look a little oddly at anyone who says that genre fiction is fluff. Obviously they’ve never read any Heinlein! A few of my favorites included: I Will Fear No Evil, Stranger in a Strange Land, and Friday. And those books? They had a profound impact on young adult me, in addition to writer-me!

3) Fast forward 5-7 years, and I started reading Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan books. Shards of Honor is the space-opera-esque story of Cordelia Naismith, an amazing woman with incredible courage. Her star-crossed love story with Aral Vorkosigan is seriously awesome, and I recommend it times a million. Bujold is a great storyteller, her narration is pretty much effortless, and her characters are just a blast – primary, secondary, tertiary, they’re all compelling and well-drawn! On top of that, she also addresses social issues as the series progresses, and even though I don’t love Miles as much as I do Cordelia, I can’t get enough of the world she’s created. I like to think that reading her work helped me polish myself a little bit more as a writer, but...
Well, pick of Shards of Honor, and my Fate of the Gods books, and you be the judge!

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