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The Girl Who Came Home: Promo and Giveaway!

Friday, April 4, 2014

WILLIAM MORROW is thrilled to publish Hazel Gaynor’s debut novel, THE GIRL WHO CAME
HOME: A Novel of the Titanic (William Morrow Trade Paperback; April 1, 2014; $14.99;
ISBN: 9780062316868). Her story is inspired by true events surrounding the Addergoole
14—members of a church parish in County Mayo, Ireland that set sail together on RMS Titanic,
all hoping to find a brighter future in America. It is believed that the losses suffered by the
parish in the Titanic disaster were the largest proportionate loss of life from any locality.

Seventeen year old Maggie Murphy feels bittersweet about her journey across the Atlantic
Ocean. While her future lies in an unknown new place, her heart remains in the country with
Séamus, the sweetheart she is leaving behind. Maggie is one of the fortunate few passengers in
steerage who survives on April 15th, 1912. Waking up alone in a New York hospital, she vows
never to speak of the terror and panic of that night again.

Weaving in and out of Maggie’s voyage and Chicago, 1982, Gaynor introduces the reader to
twenty-one year old Grace Butler. When her Great Nana Maggie shares the painful secret she
harbored for almost a lifetime about Titanic, the revelation gives Grace new direction—and
leads her and Maggie to unexpected reunions with those thought to be lost long ago.

Gaynor’s poignant tale seamlessly blends fact and fiction, exploring the tragedy’s impact and
its lasting repercussions on survivors and their descendants. With snippets of actual
Marconigrams—telegrams sent through the Marconi Company between Titanic and Carpathia
and between Carpathia and the White Star Line office—THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME is a
story of enduring love and forgiveness, spanning seventy years, and a real source of fascination
for history buffs and Titanic enthusiasts.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hazel Gaynor is an exciting new voice 
in historical fiction. Her writing has been featured in the 
Sunday Times Magazine and Irish Times, and she was the 
recipient of the 2012 Cecil Day Lewis award for Emerging 
Writers. Originally from North Yorkshire, England, Hazel now 
lives in Ireland with her husband, and two young children. For 
more information, please visit her on the web at

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