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How to enter a Rafflecopter properly - Great tips; please read!

Saturday, August 10, 2013
Once again it was so fun to put together the 150+ book giveaway! I've emailed the winners and they have 48 hours to respond.

While I was picking winners from the Rafflecopters I noticed people didn't submit the right links and didn't answer questions efficiently. There were multiple moments when the winner obviously entered everyday, but his/her links were going to a "This page does not exist!" link and I had to pick another winner. This stinks for people who are dying to win! That being said, lemme go through some tips and tricks for you.

1. The more entries you have, the better chance you'll win. I've had over 10 people that won at least 2/3 books each. Why? Because they entered everyday, which earned them many more points. Tweeting was 3 points extra, so the people that would re-enter time and time again earned over 100 points more than others. They won.

2. Rafflecopter is RANDOM, but that doesn't mean I can't pick other people. If the link you submitted is not working or your profile is set to "private" and I can't see your post, then I pick someone else. I need proof of your effort.

3. People check entries. Out of all 61 Rafflecopters, I looked at the winners to see if the links work or if you really did tweet/share everyday. Sometimes people put in the SAME link over and over again. I had to re-picked the winner if that was the case. Whenever you need to enter more information (like "what color is the authors background") don't leave it blank because we will see that the field is empty and it won't count as an entry.

Examples of twitter links I get:


Seriously. People just gave me the name of their account as an entry. If I can't see the tweet for that day then it doesn't count.


WHAT IS THIS? Triple check to see if the link you enter is correct and can be seeable to people who click on the link.

c) they copy and paste the actual tweet into the "Paste in the tweet URL".

"URL" means the web address of a website. So if someone says "Give me the URL of that awesome search site you were talking about" you don't say "Oh, it's Google." you say "It's". Does that make a little more sense?

4. Put effort into winning. I put in "free entry" for everyone because I thought it would be awesome if everyone has a chance no matter what. That doesn't mean you can't do other entries on the rafflecopter. Even if it's commenting on the post (which will take 15 seconds) that would be awesome, and it would be great if you could help out the author as best you can! Maybe this one is just me and others won't care, but it's just something I've noticed.

In short: people who handle rafflecopters check entries, so if you leave anything blank or gives us the wrong link - even if you come back everyday - you don't win.


I'm not posting this to be mean, I promise! It's just good to know so you'll have a better chance at winning future giveaways. I hope this helps!

- Rachel


  1. Carmen B. said...:

    Thanks for putting that problem out there! I've had to delete so many entries because people left boxes emtpy, just put slashes or dots in there instead of links, or copy-pasted the actual content of the tweet. I don't know if they're lazy, cheating, or if they really just don't get it, but it makes me a mixture between mad and sad. Hopefully your post can give some people a wakeup call!

  1. Rachel said...:

    Thank you Carmen! It got old really fast.

  1. This is a great post. It's good that you are telling people things that they think are an entry and showing them what's not.

  1. Cassandra said...:

    Darn no email :( and so many lovely books :) But I had lots of fun learning about new books :) Thank you for sharing :)

  1. Jessirae said...:

    THIS POST. THIS FREAKING POST. AfreakingMEN! I swear people be entering these giveawasy through a rafflecopter that is soooo easy to fill out and they are just lazy as heck! LOL. I especially hate it when they say they left a comment, but NO THEY DID NOT. Drives me nuts thinking that we aren't going to check or something! This is awesome post! Sometimes people need to double check their stuff or actually follow directions!;)

  1. Arra A. said...:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I totally agree with this since I've been experiencing it, too. I do try to make the guidelines as clear as it can be when I create them. But still people are giving me the wrong infor which is sad because they have the chance to win. Also it is a pressing issue when people delete their entries or do not do it but still submit as if they did. :(

    Style Reader

  1. Unknown said...:

    Thanks for the great tips, hopefully I can put them to good use :)

  1. Thanks for all of the great tips!

  1. Susan T. said...:

    I can't imagine submitting entries for things I haven't done! That is awful and rude!

  1. Unknown said...:

    Thanks for this post it will really help me. Books get really expensive.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thank you for sharing!

  1. Unknown said...:

    I know this is an old post, but I have some questions about rafflecopter that I haven't been able to find answers to. When I tweet it adds the # of entries for the tweet to my total, but when I come back the next day to tweet, my previous tweet entry is not counted in the total. Are these being tallied in the background or am I doing something wrong? Please help! Thank you!!