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A Live in the Ice by Jamie Craig

Friday, August 12, 2011
Bloodthirsty monsters are emerging from the Antarctic ice, the same creatures that once stalked the battlegrounds of World War I. Back then, a group of soldiers valiantly fought off the beasts—and were never seen again. A century later, an elite military squad stands between civilization and the mysterious return of the enemy.

Captain Charlie Weller thinks she's seen everything—until a man crawls out onto the ice, barely alive and muttering about a place called Illyria. Lysander Davies claims to be the descendant of one of the missing soldiers. He insists the monsters are actually gentle creatures, under the control of beings far, far more dangerous...

Drawn to the stranger, Charlie believes his stories and agrees to help him. But they both know nothing can come of their feelings for one another, for the only way to save earth is for Lysander to return to Illyria and close the rift behind him, forever...

Goodreads Summary

This book is unique in that the author spins off on the good versus evil plot.  A group of soldiers find a freezing and wounded man with a fantastic story to tell.  They are forced to believe him after they encounter the beasts that the man speaks of-the soldiers also witnessed the beasts before too.  The reader will enjoy getting to know each character quite well.  The secondary characters are interesting and have quirks that the reader will come to enjoy.  The plot itself is intriguing, not exactly unique.  However, the author incorporates World War I so cohesively into the story that many readers will find the novel enjoyable due to the loose basis on history. 

The antagonist(s) in the novel would have been more effective had the author touched on them more-the reader heard of them and saw them from a distance, but there was not a lot of dialogue or contact.  The events are fairly quick, the reader won't be bored.  The characters hold the readers' attention and act to draw the reader into the novel.  This novel is recommended for science fiction/mystery fans. 

3 Stars