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The God's Wife by Lynn Voedisch

Friday, August 12, 2011
The women of ancient Egypt were the freest of any civilization on earth, until the modern era. In several dynasties of ancient Egypt the God’s Wives of Amun stood tall, priestesses of wealth and power, who represented the pinnacle of female power in the Egyptian state. Many called The God’s Wife of Amun second only to the Pharaoh in dominance. THE GOD’S WIFE follows the adventures of a 16-year-old girl, Neferet, who is thrust into the role of The Gods Wife of Amun without proper training. Surrounded by political intrigue and ensnared by sexual stalking, Neferet navigates the temple, doing her duties, while keeping her family name pristine and not ending up like her predecessor—dead. Meanwhile, a modern-day Chicago dancer, Rebecca, is rehearsing for a role in an ancient Egyptian production and finds herself blacking out and experiencing realistic dreams about life in Egypt. It’s as if she’s coming in contact with Neferet’s world. Are the two parallel worlds on a collision course? They seem to be, for Neferet has just used an old spell to bring protection to her world, and Rebecca meets a mysterious Egyptian man who says he’ll whisk her away to Alexandria. Magic and realism mix for a powerful ending in THE GOD’S WIFE.

Amazon Summary

This novel is perfect for readers who aren't quite sure they want to read a historical novel.  Surprise!  The novel is a cross between ancient Egypt and Chicago, a "God's Wife" and a Chicago Dancer.  This novel was very well-researched though, the reader will be able to immerse him/herself in both ancient Egypt and Chicago. 

The main characters, Rebecca and Neferet, will become friends to the reader.  The reader will root for them to pursue their hopes and dreams and escape from bad situations.  Rebecca is a dancer who has the chance of her lifetime-a major role-while Neferet is given a title with incredible prestige-"God's Wife."  Both are threatened by people around them, even those who should be happy for them or watching out for them.

This book is rare in that it contains three strong female characters, the evil stepmother of Neferet, Rebecca, and Neferet.  The three characters complement each other perfectly, blending to bring the reader a terrific, exciting book filled with mystery, romance, and intrigue.  This book is highly recommended to young adults/adults.

4 Stars