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Interview and Giveaway with Rachael Wade!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Available in E-Book NOW.
In print September 30th.

Knowledge changes everything…

Hoodoo-influenced Southern Louisiana seems like the perfect place for Camille to relocate and escape her abusive past. She didn’t expect to fall in love and plummet herself into the world of Amaranth, a place of exile for reformed vampires.

Thanks to her deadly vampire ex-boyfriend, she’s confronted with decisions that not only threaten her life but the lives of her inhuman friends that she has come to love. Entangled in her friends’ quest for freedom, she dives into their realm and faces the threats of the ruler of Amaranth—the mother of all vampires—and her own inner demons.

Will she derail her life and make the ultimate sacrifice for the very monsters that interrupted her bumpy path back to sanity—the one she wanted so desperately in the first place? Or will she find a way to escape with her vampire love before it’s too late?

Goodreads Summary

Thank you so much for joining us, Rachael!

1.  Would you tell us a little more about yourself?

Hey Krystal, thanks for having me. Well, I basically live on a computer. I’m a full-time freelance writer by day and a novelist by night, so I’m pretty much writing constantly. I live in Orlando with my husband, a black lab, and two cats. I’m a big animal lover, a huge movie and music buff, and when I’m not writing, I love to go to concerts and watch indie flicks.

2. Hoodoo is an unusual and interesting subject, why did you decide to use the concept in your novel?

It’s strange, actually.Hoodoo wasn’t at all a part of the concept during the first few drafts. But I’dalways been fascinated with the Hoodoo and Voodoo culture in Southern Louisiana, especially after visiting the area. It’s mysterious and has such a rich history. So as the story evolved, I realized I wanted to add a magical element, something that was relevant to the culture that surrounded Camille,the main character, and where she lived. My editor suggested that I explore that element further and to consider integrating it into the plot, so I started doing some more research and just fell in love with it. Now it’s central to the storyline and will become even more prevalent in the next few books.

3. What can readers expect from Amaranth?

So far, readers have described it as quirky, emotional, and engrossing, with unpredictable twists and turns. There is romance, some action, and suspense. It moves at a bit of a slower pace than your typical commercial paranormal romance read. It is a paranormal romance, but with a bit of a literary slant. Readers that enjoy supernatural and fantasy elements, vampires, romance, and drama might enjoy it.The next installments will be even more high fantasy than Amaranth, so that might give you a good idea of whether or not it’s the type of series you’d like to begin.

4. Are there any character(s)you feel are most like you?

I feel like I can relate to almost all of the main characters in one way or another. I’m definitely a loner like Camille and Gavin, and I share Joel and Audrey’s dry, sarcastic humor. Plusthey’re all a bit dramatic in how they handle things, and I tend to be very dramatic about things, sometimes too dramatic.My friends and husband can testify to that...

5. Why did you decide to use vampires as your main paranormal creature?

I’ve always loved vampires and everything supernatural. I grew up watching vampire movies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I’ve always loved vampire folk lore and myths in general.So I knew that’s what I wanted to write about. I love vampires because they’reexcellent literary devices. They offer great vehicles for exploring humanity and I think it’s fun to focus on the classic struggle—the idea that they want to be a part of this world, want to live amongst humans, yet they can’t. I like attributing human traits to classic monsters and to play with those concepts.

6. What do you think the best scene in the first half of your novel is-without giving away spoilers?

Without giving anything away,I guess I’d say the best scene in the first half of the story is when Camille is awoken one night to find an intruder in her home. It’s a scene where everything kind of hits the fan and all the secrets come out. She’s confronted with a lot at that point.

7. If you could be any paranormal creature, what would you choose?

I’d definitely be a vampire.I’d want superhuman strength, would want to hide in the shadows and retain my youth. That would be nice. The idea of living forever is kind of exhausting,but it still sounds good to me.

8. Give us three reasons why readers should pick up your book.

It’s mysterious, suspenseful,and the start of an epic romance series with Hoodoo, hybrid vampire witches. Ha ha.Hopefully that sums it up?

9. Can you give us a fun,little-known fact about yourself?

I’ve been heavily involved with marine animal research and education. I used to do necropsies on whales and dolphins at a local marine mammal research center and would help them with dolphin research and strandings. I sliced my hand open with a scalpel doing a necropsy on a pygmy sperm whale once. Not fun, not recommended. I also studied killer whale behavior at Shamu Stadium for a year and worked as a public speaker and educator at SeaWorld’s animal exhibits.

Thanks for having me!

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  1. nat said...:

    Thanks so much. The books looks really good. Ive never heard of necropsy before. I can guess what it is by the name but what made you want to do it Rachel? Also I would love to know why you choose Whales to study?
    Love the name Amaranth aswell!!
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  1. I'm in, Rachel, we could have some interesting conversations about NOLA I'm sure.

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  1. jacque said...:

    Great contest and interview! Hmm..vampire? I'd rather be part of the fae world... lol I follow now!
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  1. @Nat, thanks for your interest. I've just always loved marine animals, since I was a kid--especially killer whales. Seeing both sides--animal care and training--was a great time in my life. Yes, necropsies are like autopsies except on animals. Not for the faint of heart. :)

    @Rhiannon, yeah, it's some interesting stuff. Love meeting others who are interested in it. ;) Thanks for stopping by--just found you on Twitter.

    @Jacque Haha, yeah I'm a weird one I suppose. ;) Thanks for enterting!

  1. Oooo, this looks really good! I can't wait to read it! I love sea animals and wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger. Swimming is probably my favorite sport.
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  1. Mary said...:

    Awesome book name Amaranth! Thanks for the great interview and giveaway.

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    This book looks so good. I live in Louisiana and love to read the books set here.

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  1. This book looks like a lot of fun! Studying whales sounds interesting...though a little gross. :)

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  1. Sarah said...:

    The books looks very interesting. Love the cover! That is quite the jump, from necropsy to paranormal writer.

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    Wow I really love the cover and I may love the book more and more because this book is full of what I love : supernatural and fantasy elements, vampires, romance, and drama

    Thank for the interview so that I know the wonderful book and the chance of win the giveaway

  1. @Sarah- Yes, quite the jump, indeed haha. Thanks for your interest!
    @Lieder- It was definitely fun and a great time in my life. But yes, things were often messy and gross. ;)

    Thanks again for hosting this giveaway and interview, Krystal.

  1. Julie said...:

    I wonder how I've missed this book! I love the thought of a book about hoodoo, because it's still new so there aren't very many books based on it yet. I would really love to win a copy of this one - thanks for the chance:)
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