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Daisy to the Rescue by Jeff Campbell

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Who rescued who? This popular animal-shelter bumper sticker captures an enduring emotional truth: With their love and companionship, animals of all species save our lives every day. But sometimes, to our utter amazement and everlasting gratitude, animals literally save our lives, and this heartwarming book collects over 50 real-life stories of animals rescuing people, in which the actions of animals have meant the difference between life and death. Today, scientists vigorously debate questions regarding the sentience, intelligence, and emotions of animals. In particular, they want to know whether animals share with humans the highest emotions of empathy, compassion, and altruism. This book also poses these questions for readers to consider, and using current research on animal minds and emotions, it examines these extreme life-saving situations for possible evidence. Where appropriate, skepticism and doubt surrounding particular stories is included, but gathered together, these anecdotes make a compelling case for the presence of altruism in animals. Thus, this book provides dramatic, thrilling, and moving stories that convey a hopeful message about our world. But these stories also provide startling evidence of the mental and emotional capacities of animals, those being we share the world with.

Goodreads Summary

I think animals make our lives more special.  I loved how this book contained all kinds of stories from different types of animals and different places around the world.  Usually, I'm reading a book about just dogs or just cats or just animals from America; I really enjoyed the variety contained in this book.  I loved how the dogs involved included typically stereotyped dogs who are viewed as violent; in this book, those dogs are brave and kind.  

I think of animals as far more intelligent than they seem to be.  I enjoyed how this book included accounts of animals responding to certain commands and understanding their "humans."  I thought of my white German Shepherd Dakota as I was reading this book and I hope she would be able to help me out of a bad circumstance and that I would be able to help her.  I think that any animal lover would really enjoy reading this book and that is may just make for a good Christmas gift!

5 Stars


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  An editor and writer for over twenty years, Jeff Campbell has specialized in books on animal intelligence and emotions. A former writer for Lonely Planet, Campbell coauthored guidebooks on Hawaii, Florida, the Southwest, and other US destinations. He lives in Northern New Jersey and also teaches creative writing to students in elementary school.
ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR:  Ramsey Beyer grew up on a farm in Michigan before escaping to city life. The award-winning author and illustrator of Little Fish: A Memoir of a Different Kind of Year, Beyer is also in much demand as an animal/pet portraitist, and lives in Philadelphia.

“With an eye toward documenting remarkable animal/human interactions, Campbell has assembled a large collection of fascinating anecdotes… Overflowing with information, fascinating tales and thought-provoking information; give it to animal-loving middle graders on up." Kirkus Reviews

Well-documented cases of animals rescuing men, women, and children are recounted with precision, organized into four divisions: domestic, trained, wild, and legendary animals. Campbell draws on opinions from professionals and anecdotal evidence, gleaned from ancient to modern times, to understand animal motivations.… The text flows well, and the compact content is intense….The documentation shines in this presentation." – School Library Journal

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