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Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers by Holli Pfau

Friday, August 12, 2011
Inspired by the lives, antics and talents of her six rescued or second-hand golden retrievers, Holli Pfau has written Pure Gold to support the efforts of Golden Retriever Rescue and other dog rescue and adoption programs. Holli's dogs guided her to a new career in animal-assisted therapy, deeper into wilderness adventures, and to relocation in the Rocky Mountains. Along the way, she added rally obedience and dog agility to her compendium of canine activities. In every case, the dogs led the way. Pure Gold is a tale of unexpected adventures and the richness of life with rescued dogs.

Goodreads Summary

Where would we be without our pets?  Dogs are an integral part of many lives.  This memoir details how six golden retrievers affected the author's life and the lives those around them.  If a reader enjoys or needs a heart-warming memoir this is a perfect read. 

The author describes the dogs, leaving nothing out-not even the "quirks" they have.  The reader will happily acquaint his/herself with the dogs and owners in the memoir.  The main characters really come alive, the reader will be able to picture them as friends or neighbors.  The author tells real stories of her experiences with the dogs and some large, sometimes unhappy times in her life-particularly concerning fire. 

There are sad events in this memoir, such things are inevitable concerning reality; however, the happy outweighs the bad.  The reader will come away from this memoir feeling light-hearted and happy.  This book is recommended for just about any reader.

5 Stars