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Doodling by Jonathan Gould

Thursday, August 11, 2011
Neville Lansdowne fell off the world.

Actually he did not so much fall off as let go. The world had been moving so quickly lately and Neville was finding it almost impossible to keep up.

Doodling is an engaging comic fantasy which relates the events that befall Neville after he finds himself abandoned by the world and adrift in the middle of an asteroid field. Douglas Adams meets Lewis Carroll (with just a touch of Gulliver’s Travels) as Neville wanders through his new home, meeting a variety of eccentric characters. But getting away from the hustle and bustle of the real world turns out to be easier said than done, and Neville soon discovers that if he doesn’t take urgent action, the whole of the asteroid field and all of its inhabitants will be doomed.

With its highly original take on modern life (as well as a slightly dubious grasp of physics), Doodling is a delight from beginning to end.

Goodreads Summary

This novel may sounds silly, but it really holds plenty deeper meanings in the form of allusions, metaphors, and similes.  Neville is the main character, he falls into an asteroid field and proceeds to attempt to create his own country, Bolivia, and meet a pretty girl gardening on her asteroid, Helen.  The novel is both slow in some "deeper" areas and fast in the necessary parts.  The author cleverly inserts little lessons for his reader.  He writes of the fast-paced, no-nonsense and no-smelling-the-roses life style that affects so many today, he speaks of how unknown deities inadvertently cause wars, etc... This book is recommended for readers who enjoy novels containing life lessons.

3 Stars


  1. M.A.D. said...:

    Excellent review, not heard of this one before but am adding Doodling to my TBR list! :D

  1. Krystal Larson said...:

    Thanks! It's hard to find a good satire nowadays that actually has interesting points! ~Krystal