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The Door in the Alley (The Explorers #1) by Adrienne Kress

Monday, April 24, 2017

Featuring a mysterious society, a secretive past, and a pig in a teeny hat, The Explorers: The Door in the Alley is the first book in a new series for fans of The Name of This Book Is a Secret and The Mysterious Benedict Society. Knock once if you can find it—but only members are allowed inside. 

This is one of those stories that start with a pig in a teeny hat. It’s not the one you’re thinking about. (This story is way better than that one.) 

This pig-in-a-teeny-hat story starts when a very uninquisitive boy stumbles upon a very mysterious society. After that, there is danger and adventure; there are missing persons, hired thugs, a hidden box, a lost map, and famous explorers; and also a girl on a rescue mission.

The Explorers: The Door in the Alley is the first book in a series that is sure to hit young readers right in the funny bone.

Goodreads Summary

This book had an Alice in Wonderland feel to it. Sebastian is quiet, timid, and no-nonsense while Evie is vibrant, loud, and always interested in something nonsensical. One would think the pair wouldn't be friends...much less on an adventure together. In the beginning of the novel, Evie is still angry and unhappy over her parents' untimely disappearance and Sebastian is very self-absorbed. As their adventure unfolds they both grow together and become happier. It's sweet to read about their friendship blossoming. 

The author manages to pack so many zany characters and unusual events into a few hundred pages. I loved the pig (made me think of the white rabbit) and the portions of the quest were fun to read about. The author has a way of making the reader physically laugh through the book. There are many chapters that I won't forget long after putting the book down. I did find something odd about the ending. It just felt a little off and didn't have the same tone as the rest of the book. Overall, this is a fun quirky read!

4 Stars

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