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Bible Bands by Katreina Eden

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rubber band jewelry is the hottest new craze, and now you can try these new designs! Show your faith and inspire others with the uplifting jewelry found in Bible Bands.

Item Description

Looking for a new arts and crafts book?  The book contains descriptive pictures and tons of designs from which to choose from.  There are little statements on each piece of jewelry and very well-detailed instructions.  You do need to get a few items to make these jewelry pieces.  There is a simple pattern and extension that the reader can follow that should be easy enough for middle grade children.  

I really enjoyed the different designs and pretty pictures associated with them.  There is a table of contents with a picture that allows you to quickly choose which design you would like to try.  The designs appear to take as little as 30 minutes to complete.  I liked the creativity of the titles and how the author took care to include biblical verses and titles.  Overall, this book is perfect for young children and their parents.

4 Stars

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