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Give Yourself a Raise by Gordon Bennett Bleil

Monday, August 26, 2013

Give Yourself a Raise

Give Yourself A RAISE is a complete how-to guide for finding more money to reduce the stress in your life and lead you to financial freedom. Suitable for beginners and professionals alike, it will lead you to more contentment about money! Unique to this book are: The Financial Freedom Risk Assessment Quiz-take it and evaluate your own risk! Goals made easy-the complete foundation for personal money management The Freedom Money Management System -harness the power of electronic banking to organize your personal finances You will also learn how to: Control impulse spending Eliminate family conflict Get out of debt and stay out Practice spending strategies to stretch your income. Stop wasting money

Goodreads Summary

When I was newly married, my husband found a magazine in his office. The whole point of the magazine was "pay yourself first." We were young...we read it, and it made sense to us. We tried to folow some of the advice. Now that we are older, some of the advice probably helped us to be in a better financial position.
Bleil's book could do this for young people today too. On page 4, you will find the basic precepts that will help you to become financially more secure. "1) Pay yourself first. 2) Live within your means. 3) Stay out of debt." Unlike the magazine we read so many years ago, Bleil goes into more detail, which is helpful. On the other hand, some subjects-such as health care insurance, emergency preparedness, and government help-only get a quick overview. That's to be expected sine the subjects are so complicated, but it might make reading the book a little daunting for readers who aren't too interested in financial matters My age is showing when it comes to one of Bleil's biggest pieces of advice. He advocates using online banking as much as possible-both for control and dollar savings. I'm not too comfortable with  that, just because of security issues. On that subject, I'm sure Bleil is right; he calls it your "new best friend"-"the invisible banker". This book could help your plan your way to a more secure financial future. The worksheets that are available for planning and for figuring out where you stand now are easy to use.
Try it!

Four stars

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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  1. Susan T. said...:

    I am pretty terrible with money so I need this book!