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Timeless: Alexandra Monir

Sunday, April 17, 2011
I'll admit it, the first thing that drew me to this book was the face of a beautiful girl looking wonderingly from the cover. However, what drew me into this book isn't the pretty cover. The description on the inside of the book is really intriguing and gives just enough information for the unassuming reader to buy the book or check it out from the local library.
Michele Windsor, the protagonist of the novel, loses her mother in a drunk driving incident. Devastated, she is sent to live with her ridiculously wealthy grandparents who had previously "disowned" her mother. Her mother was, in part, disowned because of Michele; when she was just a young adult, her mother had fallen in love with a mysterious young man by the name of Henry Irving. As Henry Irving was not especially rich or famous, the Windsors disapproved. In order to marry her first love, Michele's mother runs away with Henry Irving only to be seemingly abandoned by him before Michele's birth. Michele and her mom live along with each other for company.
After the aforementioned terrible car accident, Michele is sent to live with her wealthy grandparents, the Windsors. Unable to get comfortable in her new extravagant home and unwelcoming school, Michele looks through boxes brought from her California home and finds an interesting key. When the key draws her to a lock containing Clara's (an ancestor) diary, Michele is miraculously transported back to 1910. There she meets her ethereal ancestor Clara, as well as her love interest, Philip. Can a relationship survive the gap of time?
I liked this book from the start, the writing is descriptive, but not to the point of annoyance, the main character's feelings and anxieties are tangible throughout the novel, and the reader gets a sense of the pervading atmosphere of the novel. This book is great for readers who enjoy fantasy/magic, romance, and intrigue. I was so happy to reach the end of the book and find a "To Be Continued".


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  1. I would love that, thank you!

  1. Iwas honestly never much on time travel books. I just could not get into them, or if I did it was short-lived. Until I read the Ruby Red series.... That series was amazing and it started me rethinking how I felt about the genre. So nowadays, this book sounds fantastic and I hope I get the chance to read it!