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Guest Post with Charlotte Blackwell

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello to all the Live to Readers, and thank you to Krystal for allowing me the chance to introduce myself.
My name is Charlotte Blackwell and I am a wife and mother of three. Oh and the author of the EMBRACE SERIES, which first saw light this summer when book one, IMMORTAL EMBRACE was released. The series will continue with FORBIDDEN EMBRACE on September 1 and MYSTIC EMBRACE on November 1. I am so excited to be here to share a little about my journey as an author and my series.

I began my career as a professional writer about two years writing articles for Yahoo and Associated Content. During this time I also began working on my first novel, IMMORTAL EMBRACE. Originally I thought this would be just a book for my daughter and me, but it has turned into so much more. I allowed a few writer friends to read it and they helped me to improve my writing skills and then encouraged me to submit to agents and publishers. I began working on the second and third books in my series as I awaited responses. After only five short months I received an e-mail from a publisher that wanted to take on the EMBRACE SERIES. With complete shock, I accepted their offer. Before signing my contract I received another offer to publish and felt the second company, World Castle Publications was the best fit for me and I signed a three book deal with them to publish the first three books in my series all this year. My new publisher and I worked together to prepare these books for the public.

So what is the EMBRACE SERIES? It is a young adult paranormal romance. This series focuses on vampires, witches, and a whole lot of supernatural beings. More than that though, the EMBRACE SERIES is about family, friendship and love.

Sophia Pierce has had a difficult time accepting others into her eternal life, since her brother left the family. Now thanks to her new vampire sister she is forced to return to high school and even learn to open the doors to her existence, even if reluctant about it. Before long Sophia meets a powerful witch and her soul mate, soon she realizes they can be trusted with not only her secret, but her heart too. She might even learn what family really is when faced with danger.

This series of books takes the reader through the ups and downs of not only teenage life, but the eternal life. With romance that will melt your heart, and a goofy, corny yet very handsome leading man Sophia will finally learn to open her heart again to the outside world. I am so excited to share this magickal and powerful supernatural tale with all of you. Because only a vampire can love you forever.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story and the EMBRACE SERIES with you today. If you would like to learn more about me, the books, and contests and even read some excerpts please come visit my blog at

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